ChabaBot Mir4 Bot is a Capture Bot focused on player account security. If you're looking for HACK, you

won't find it here. Because we only have bots.


- Auto MaineQuest 90%

- Auto MissionQuest 95%

- Auto Mining and steal ore 70%

- Monster Bot 95%

- Return to work after death

- Auto-start the game when the game shuts down.

- Connect automatically when connection is lost.


- Set the game language to English only.

- Set LDPlayer Resolution to 1280 x 720 only. After resizing, LDPlayer should be restarted.

- Adjust the Scale of Display Windows to 100%.

- If you have hidden the menu on the right side of LDPlayer, show it then click APPLY.

- The bot is for Windows 10 only, for Windows 7 it supports some PCs, you have to test it yourself.

- The bot does not support 4k screen sizes, but you can use the bot by reducing the size until the bot can work.
- (Resize 1 time must restart LD each time)